In the summer of 2020 my camera broke during a shoot I was doing out of town. So I said fuck it! Since we can’t shoot today, let’s hang out and make a vlog with the GoPro I had on me

When I sent my camera to Nikon they told me it was blacklisted and they won’t fix it because it was made in japan for japan and wasn’t to be used in the united states. I didn’t want to spend $700 on the same camera body. Because I didn’t feel like I would get that satisfying feeling when you buy some new equipment. Which would have been a way cheaper option and those lenses were amazing. But I sold my camera equipment body and both lenses.

So I got into film!

 I saw the photos online and I thought it looked cool and I couldn’t get those shots on my digital camera. The start-up cost to shoot on film was a couple of hundred dollars. I bought a scanner and a point-and-shoot camera. At first, I didn’t like the 35mm point-and-shoot shots because they looked flat.

My first 35mm point shoot had fungus in the lens so the camera shop took it back and sold me a Nikon L35AF. Which was nice and I liked it but my shots still didn’t come out how I wanted them to.


I got rid of the point and shoot and bought a Yashica mat 124g which is a 6×6 TLR medium format camera. I also got developing equipment and started developing and scanning all my images. But this time I said fuck it! Im going to edit these photos because they were coming out flat just like when you shoot a raw image on a digital camera. I went through all the major rolls Portra 160, Portra 400, Fuji pro 400h, Portra 800, Cinestill 50d, and Cinestill 800t.