When the pandemic hit people would still ask for shoots but I would turn them down to focus on getting a new car and just do casual shoots and some portfolio shots.

In 2019 my project car broke down so I was working most of 2020 while buying and selling cars until I came across the car I have now. I had a Saab 9-3 convertible which I liked the most out of the 3 cars I had. But it was discontinued and certain things I couldn’t fix on it. Then I got a Mazda 6 which was cool I was going to fix it up but I couldn’t get a light off of it so I got rid of that one as well.


I went to a party in 2019 with a local artist and took a lot of photos of people but I didn’t take pictures of the artist throwing it “Jonah Raine”. His friend was supposed to introduce me but he started talking to a girl so I didn’t get any shots of him. But we linked up in 2020 took some photos, shot an interview and he introduced me to some guys who drift. Jonah Raine is a musician born in Florida and currently lives in North Carolina. In this interview, he talks about his creative process and his project Purple Raine.

Drifting is fun!

I bought a Gopro because I love small cameras and I got to test it out on the track.