2021 was an adventurous year. This year I moved from Raleigh, NC to Los Angeles, California.

Even though it was a pandemic people were still outside here. Sometimes it felt like a ghost town living in the south.

I chose to live here because my interest grew more in film and photography, and it seemed like this was where the professional cinematographers and photographers were.

Despite the “if you know you know” situations about living in Los Angeles.

I got to spend time on sets and witness professional filming, and outside of my hobbies, I learned how to prioritize and stand on my own two.

I’ve just been doing casual shoots and testing out my equipment. I’m excited to shoot some more interesting concepts and visuals soon.

Everything I’ve shot this year was fun. Here are my Archives in no particular order.

Music Video

I didn’t shoot that much in 2021 but When I first moved here I met up with a few people and shot a Music Video.

Lane Brodie is an artist from the DMV we went to Malibu and put together this video I shot and edited on Davinci Resolve.