Olympus XA

I bought an Olympus XA Point and Shoot Film camera and was excited to test it out. So I went to Point Dume, my favorite beach in Malibu. This camera is pretty cool. It’s a very compact camera that is smaller than an iPhone. It also has an aperture dial so you can choose how shallow or sharp your image is. Since it’s a range finder you’re able to focus on whatever you choose to. It’s almost like shooting in aperture priority mode with a DSLR camera in manual focus.

Vintage Lenses

As I was driving down PCH I stopped and grabbed some flix of the Surfers with my Vintage 135mm Nikkor Lens. I’ve had this lens for a while now but I wanted to see how far I can reach with it. So the surfers were great subjects for this. For most of my shots, I still had to crop in on my camera which made it more of a 200mm lens but the photos still came out decent even though cropping in loses quality. I also grabbed some shots of the Sea Lions while at Point Dume with this lens as well.